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Our History

Established in 1976, The Hispanic Business Student Association is committed to bringing out the best in its members and preparing them for success in the corporate world. Long regarded as one of the top organizations at The University of Texas at Austin, HBSA continues to provide its 180+ members with unparalleled professional and leadership opportunities. HBSA is committed in providing members from all backgrounds and cultures a one-of a kind experience through the numerous programs HBSA hosts throughout the year, including our signature events, Company Night and Scoring Careers which has helped increased the number of Hispanic professionals entering the work force. Our consistent hard work has led to many accolades. The most recent accolades include Swing Out's Most Professional Organization award. Our four pillars include Academics, Community Service, Professionalism, and Family. 

This upcoming school year join HBSA and watch as our officers unfold the traditions and experiences that make HBSA the home outside of home for many of our members. HBSA is open to any major from any race, and we do not discriminate against any disability, gender, sexual orientation, culture, etc. For more info on how to become a member please click the button below, we hope to you see in our next General Meeting #HookEm.

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