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Helpful Links

Texas HBSA Link Tree

The HBSA Link Tree offers an updated list of links and forms from past General Meetings.

Automated Transfer Equivalency (ATE)

The ATE system provides UT Austin transfer credit evaluations for courses commonly transferred from Texas colleges and universities.

Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)

The CMHC provides counseling, psychiatric, consultation, and prevention services.

Legal Services by SSB 

The University offers free legal services to help university students regarding renting, employment laws, and common traffic violations.

Nutrition Services

Students, faculty, and staff with nutrition-related health concerns can schedule an individual consultation with a registered dietitian at UHS.


The office helps in listening and helping students deal with difficult conversations.



The campus food pantry and career closet for Longhorns.


Sanger Learning Center (SLC)

The SLC offers free tutoring services for students.


Title IX Office

The Title IX office is committed to creating and fostering a campus environment free from all forms of sex discrimination.


University Health Services (UHS)

UHS provides a range of medical services such as general medicine, STI testing, radiology, travel health, and more.

University Writing Center (UWC)

The UWC provides appoinments and resources for writing.

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